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Barbie just has good genes

Rethinking Thin” is chock full of scientific diet studies, translated into understandable English. It’s not your normal fluff diet book. New York Times science writer Gina Kolata digs deep into the bowels of dieting, citing studies that affirm what people struggling with their weight have believed for years: Being fat is not always a choice. One study examined adopted children and found that those whose biological parents were overweight were also overweight, regardless of how heavy their adoptive parents were.

Kolata weaves studies with society’s pressure to be thin and the mental anguish that overweight people endure. She also cites studies that show how difficult it is to keep weight off, and research that shows that childhood obesity is unavoidable, regardless of health education and health-food options at school.

For anyone struggling with their weight, this book is a relief. It tells you that you’re not crazy and that sometimes your body has a mind of its own. But Kolata almost victimizes fat people, ignoring the fact that some people are overweight simply because they eat too much.

Kolata’s point is a good one: Give up trying to reach that unattainable number, and focus on being healthy and happy with yourself.

“Barbie just has good genes”

  1. Blogger Amber Says:

    hear hear! it's amazing how many things have to do either directly or indirectly with our genes. fascinating read, thank you for the suggestion!