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Robert Schimmel: I never thought cancer would be a career move

After I posted my review of Robert Schimmel’s “Cancer on $5 a Day,” the stand-up comedian sent me a message:

“As a comedian, I never had the urge to write a book before. Most of my other comic friends have books that are basically their stand-up routines transcribed. Not that they aren’t funny. Just wasn’t my thing.When I was in treatment, I remember what it felt like to meet and hear about others that survived what I had. It was uplifting and gave me hope. At first, when I started writing the book with Alan Eisenstock, I thought that if this book made a difference in one person’s life, then what I went through wasn’t for nothing. I changed my mind. One isn’t enough. Thanks for helping me accomplish my mission.

Sincerely, Robert Schimmel

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“Robert Schimmel: I never thought cancer would be a career move”