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'Clueless' in the kitchen

It seems like oodles of actors are ditching scripts and picking up pens. Alicia Silverstone is the third actress in recent weeks to announce a book deal, though her diet and fitness book probably won’t be as funny as Sarah Silverman or Tina Fey’s book.

The Kind Diet is due out next fall and will guide readers on how to choose the right foods in the kitchen while also taking into account the environmental impact of what we eat. It also comes with a 3-step diet program and 75 vegan recipes.

Apparently, Silverstone’s not so Clueless when it comes to the environmental eating.

Publishing director Pam Krauss said, "We were … struck by the breadth of her knowledge about environmental issues and the impact of diet on the planet …She really makes the plant-based foods that are the cornerstone of her diet sound delicious and indulgent, and her enthusiasm for her program is infectious.”

Silverstone is also well known for her support of animal-related charities such as the Amanda Foundation and PETA, which honored her several years ago with a Special Humanitarian Award.

If a Kind Diet will help me look like Alicia, I’m definitely down with talking nicely to my food.

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“'Clueless' in the kitchen”