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navigate the new you in '09

It’s a new year, a new chapter in your life and it’s time to turn the page. I’ve picked a few books that should help you along the way, or at least show you what to strive for.

Becoming Enlightened
by the Dalai Lama
Drawing from traditional Buddhist meditative practices, using modern-day examples, the Dalai Lama presents exercises designed to cultivate spiritual growth. You’ll also learn more about the Dalai Lama himself, with personal anecdotes and intimate accounts of his experiences as a student, political leader and Nobel Laureate.

Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan
by Suze Orman
Find out what to do, when to do it, and how to do it from financial expert Suze Orman. Topics include credit, retirement, savings, spending, real estate and paying for college.

You Being Beautiful
by Michael F. Roizen
Discover the scientific standards of beauty and how it’s really all about your health and happiness. Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz take a scientific, yet entertaining, look at the three levels of beauty: Looking Beautiful, Feeling Beautiful and Being Beautiful.

Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide
by David Zinczenko
Find out what to skip at Stop & Shop and what to keep in your cart. This book contains nutrition secrets that lead to fast and permanent weight loss while decoding nutritional information and busting myths.

For example, did you know Rice Krispies Treats have half the sugars and calories as Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars?

I Can Make You Thin: The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People
by Paul McKenna
McKenna, a hypnotist from the UK, uses new psychological techniques to change the way you think about food.

Organize Now!: A Week by Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life!
by Jennifer Ford Berry
Get simple and effective tools to organize every aspect of your life. If it feels overwhelming, don’t worry, this book breaks it all down to one topic a week.

50/50: Secrets I Learned From Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days - and How You Too Can Achieve Super Endurance!
by Dean Karnazes
In 2006, Dean Karnazes ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days and wrote a book about it. Dean also shares running tips on what to do when you hit a wall and the best diet and exercise tips to improve your own best time. Even if you’re not a runner, you can still enjoy this story of incredible accomplishment. It might even spur you to lace up those running shoes … or at least try to name all 50 states.

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“navigate the new you in '09”

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