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wisdom in six words

I never would have put so much weight on so few words. But in this memoir, six words house the story of love or loss. Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak is a pocket-sized book with 500 different authors, including some famous folk like Dr. Drew. Contributors share their story of love or heartbreak in just 6 simple words. Some are profound. Some are funny. And some don’t really make much sense at all:

I wish that life gave mulligans

Married wrong woman. Divorce is sin.

We would have named her Grace

Despite our decade, he's a stranger

Feet touch in bed; we're okay.

This book (and the website that gave birth to it) is very similar to a challenge once given to Ernest Hemingway, who was asked to write a story in six words. He came up with “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Smith Magazine isn’t just obsessed with matters of the heart, the site also shines the spotlight on motherhood (I really miss seeing my feet), the environment (I recycle my neighbor's trash), life (Officer, "Ma'am, it's about your son...") and food (Sushi and Snickerdoodles. A Balanced Diet).

At $10 a pop, this is a great gift for that significant other on Valentines Day, or just a sappy friend.

Of course now I have to have a go at this:
He’s neat, my clutter is cluttered.

What's your six-word memoir?

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“wisdom in six words”