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best books of the year … so far

Amazon has come up with a Best Books of the Year…So Far list. I know. The year's not over yet. But summer's here, and you're probably looking for a good beach read.

So here a few that made the list:

The Book of Dead Philosophers, by Simon Critchley Critchley examines the deaths of nearly 200 philosophers and explores how one might be inspired to live a richer life.

Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities, by Amy Stewart Stewart's guide to the misdeeds of Mother Nature’s roguish members includes those that kill, irritate, paralyze and intoxicate. Sounds like a great crime novel.

Nine Lives by Dan Baum From the '60s through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Baum follows 9 lives that could only be lived in New Orleans.

Crazy for the Storm, by Norman Ollestad
As an 11-year-old boy, Ollestad was the only survivor of a small-plane crash and he lived using skills he learned from his father, who was killed in the crash.

Sag Harbor, by Colson Whitehead
This pop culture piece follows a 15-year-old Converse-wearing, Smiths-loving, Dungeons & Dragons-playing nerd in 1985 as he leaves the city to spend 3 months with his younger brother in an enclave of Long Island's Sag Harbor.

Do you have any books that belong on this list? Send them over my way!
For the rest of the list, check out www.amazon.com/books.

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“best books of the year … so far”