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make your vocabulary sizzle

If you’re an autodidact looking for a way to improve your vocabulary (or if you didn’t know what the word “autodidact” meant) you should get a copy of Captivate Network’s The Word Lover’s Delight. Yes. I work for Captivate Network. No. This is not shameless self-promotion. Wait. Maybe it is. Just a little. But I would promote this book anyway. It’s chock-full of quirky words and real-life sentences you can use like these:

“Lucy appreciated Tom’s foursquare breakup style, but she still popped all his tires and smashed his windshield.”

“Vicky vituperated her husband when he came home late from work with lipstick on his cheek.”

“The vociferous kids were fueled by Twinkies and Ding Dongs.”

“No one dared make a joke around the umbrageous receptionist.”

Are you worried you might have an umbrageous receptionist or want to vituperate someone but don’t know what it means? Check out The Word Lover’s Delight. This is not just puffery. Reading this book will make you perspicacious.

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“make your vocabulary sizzle”