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Saved by the Bell tell-all

While ‘Screech’ – Dustin Diamond – was banned from the recent “Saved by the Bell” reunion in People Magazine, fans will still get a chance to see him in print when his tell-all memoir, “Behind the Bell” is released on September 29, the NY Observer reported.

Originally, his book was set to be published by Gotham Books, but the publisher dropped it several months ago after receiving the manuscript. Makes you wonder what’s in it! According to one source, the manuscript was deemed unpublishable by Gotham, partly because it contained many unverifiable claims about Saved by the Bell cast members. But Gotham publisher Bill Shinker refused to comment. "It just didn't fit our publishing program," he said.

Now Transit Publishing plans on publishing the book, which is expected to include "sexual escapades among cast members, drug use, and hardcore partying."

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“Saved by the Bell tell-all”